Lighting Renovation Retrofit

Lighting systems can contribute to major costs when they are outdated, inefficient and constantly needing maintenance. Homeowners and businesses can greatly increase their profitability and reduce their electric bills by retrofitting to LED lights today. ​
 Our team of lighting professionals will help you reduce energy costs, update your lighting, and address problem lighting areas, all while achieving ongoing lower operating cost. Whether it's your office space, manufacturing area, warehouse, building exterior, or parking lot, let D-Bac Electric review your operations for energy savings and rebate opportunities.
D-Bac is the license and insured contractor that can perform all work to get your home or business running more efficiently and with a better quality light.

New lighting layout and designs
Cost-effective re-lamp and re-ballast programs
Energy reducing occupancy sensor applications
LED (light emitting diode) systems, for both interior and exterior
Bucket truck/parking area/outdoor lighting installation and enhancements.

What wattage fixtures are you currently using? 
Replacing high-wattage bulbs will save you more than low-wattage ones. Implementing LEDs in high-intensity applications such as security lights and parking lot lighting is often a very smart move.

How many hours per day will your bulbs be on?
 Even lower-wattage bulbs burn a lot of electricity when they are left on for extended periods. Think about the places in your facility where lights are on 10 hours or more a day, such as parking garages, elevators and entryways. These may be good candidates for LED bulbs.

What are your lighting maintenance costs?
Do you have bulbs in hard-to-reach places that require significant time and expense to change? If so, LED bulbs may save you enough in labor and related expenses to be the most economical choice for those applications, even at a higher upfront cost.

LED bulbs last significantly longer than most other types of lighting – typically about 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs, twice as long as CFLs, and three times longer than standard fluorescents.