Having issues with your lights or electrical systems? Let D-Bac come out to investigate your particular situation. Through troubleshoot service calls, our electricians are able to quickly detect the problem and determine whether a quick solution or larger issue is at hand. For most instance, our technicians are able to troubleshoot and make the necessary repairs within one service call.

Dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging Circuits
Most electric vehicles require a high-power 240 Volt outlet or wall charger to recharge their vehicle’s batteries at a reasonable rate. Lower capacity vehicles like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf can utilize as little as a 30 Amp circuit to charge their car’s batteries fully in just a few hours. Higher capacity vehicles like the Tesla Model S can be charged with up to a 100 Amp dedicated circuit. For example, the highest capacity Tesla Model S can charge in less than 5 hours with a 100 Amp charger, but can take over 65 hours to charge using a normal household outlet. Willow Glen Electric has installed numerous dedicated electric vehicle charging circuits for Teslas, Volts, Leafs, and Toyotas. Contact us today to determine your next steps to eliminating fossil fuels with your daily commute!

Electrical panels are crucial parts of each building, and making sure that they are working properly, efficiently and up to code is to the utmost importance. From troubleshooting issues arising from your panel to adding or upgrading an existing panel, our licensed electricians will get your system up and running in no time.
Electrical wire is the driving force to allow us to enjoy our modern society. When wiring or rewiring is needed, let our electricians get the job done. From the small replacements to the entire new wire projects, D-Bac can assist you in any project.


When it comes to electrical work needed in the new construction or renovation of a space, our electricians have the experience to get all the work done for your project. Tenant improvement work is an area that often requires the skills of an electrician, as not all work spaces are properly suited for all professions and needs. As an office space converts from one tenant to another, it typically requires some degree of alteration. These changes most likely are in locations of outlets, wiring in the walls and locations of lighting fixtures. D-Bac electrical teams have the knowledge and skill set to get the projects done properly, efficiently and to the highest standards.

Our services include the following:
120/240, 120/208, or 277/480 Volt Wiring
Air Conditioning Wiring
Breaker Panel Indexes/Schedules/Upgrades
Circuit Tracing and Identification
Code Violations
Dedicated Circuits
Ground Fault Breakers (GFI) and Receptacles (GFCI)
​Office Wiring
Car Charching Station
Emergency Exit Lights
Fluorescent Lights
HID Lighting (High Bay and Wall Pack)
Motion Sensors, Photocells, and Timers
LED Retrofittting